Highland Bayou Quest is a citizen awareness process that inquires about the unique aspects of the bayou that are important to us all. It starts with questions, from all of us, about Highland Bayou (See some of the questions below.) and involves private and government agencies in answering those questions? The results will be a printed publication about the vital aspects of Highland Bayou, distributed throughout the bayou communities, and public meetings for the same purpose. The Highland Bayou Communities are Bayou Vista, Original Bayou Vista, La Marque, Highlands, Freddyville, Scenic Galveston Wetlands Omega Bay, Hitchcock and Santa Fe.

What are some prominent impacts on Highland Bayou?

The bayou originates on higher ground in Santa Fe and Hitchcock
The bayou is a little over 12 miles long.
Parks on Highland Bayou are Scenic Galveston, Reitan Park, Highland Bayou Park, Mahan Park, Jack Brooks Park
There are two wastewater treatment plants on the bayou
There are two railroad crossings
There are numerous pipeline crossings
There is a winter colony of white pelicans
There was a major flood control project built in 1972
The bayou is close to a superfund site
There are several wetland restoration projects
There are extensive wetlands

What are some of the questions we have about Highland Bayou?

What is the quality of the water?
What is the effect of the Diversionary Canal?
What are the trends of living resources (finfish, crabs, etc.)
What occupations rely on the bayou?
What is the salinity?
What are the tidal norms?
What flora live on the bayou?
What birds live on Highland Bayou?
What governmental authorities oversee the bayou?
What can homeowners do to protect the bayou?
What projects would improve the bayou?
Other questions

What is the purpose of Highland Bayou Quest?

To improve and maintain the quality of the bayou by raising citizen awareness and knowledge
To become a working group within the Galveston Bay Estuary Program
To continue the Bayou Quest Process within other watersheds